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How to Create a Home Renovation To-Do List

Improving your home’s physical attributes via a home renovation can certainly add to its appeal as well as value. If you are looking to sell your home and want to make sure it attracts buyer attention, you need to have a systematic approach to your renovation project. After all, there are plenty of surprises along the way and having a to-do list will help you avoid such unexpected circumstances.

How to Create a Home Renovation To-Do List

Here are the things you need to do:

  1. Check your home — If you are unsure about what kind of home improvements you would like, you need to inspect your home in its entirety. Try to look at it from a buyer’s perspective and look at the things you believe will have to go. If you find this difficult, you can simply come up with a list of your home’s positive and negative features. This way, you can easily come up with a decision.
  2. Do research — It would be hard to pinpoint exactly what changes you would want or aiming for unless you know what your choices are. At this point, you might want to spend some time in front of your computer and look for new trends in home renovations online. You certainly need to make sure your renovations are in line with what is currently in demand in the market.
  3. Study the local market — Finding the improvements you would like for your home is not enough. You also need to study the market and learn about market factors such as demand and supply, home prices and even the local economy. It is crucial your decisions are guided by these factors. After all, your home is an investment and you have to protect your interests and only make calculated risks.
  4. Check your finances — Now, it is time to see whether or not you can afford the renovation project. If you are short on cash you can always use your home’s equity or refinance your existing mortgage loan. You have to avoid overestimating your capacity to pay and only choose home improvements you are 100 percent sure you can afford. In addition, you also need to calculate the cost of the renovation and add it to the final selling price of the home to see if it is reasonable enough to attract offers.
  5. Canvass construction material prices — If you would like to have a clear picture of the cost of the home renovation, you could shop and compare prices of construction material. While you are at it, you can also speak with several contractors and get an idea how much it would cost to hire one.
  6. Consult a professional contractor — All the changes you want should certainly be discussed with the contractor to confirm that it can be done at the budget you have set aside. You might also want to ask your contractor for suggestions so you can cut down on expenses.
  7. Come up with a timeline — The last part is coming up with a schedule. You need to speak with your contractor about the length of time it would take to accomplish the project so you can plan the next steps accordingly such as scheduling an open house, etc.

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